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A Limitless and Searchable Document Repository in the Cloud: KnowledgeLake’s Tahoe Update

Many Intelligent Document Processing vendors focus solely on the front end of the document capture and management process. They talk about machine learning and neural networking and deep learning. It’s all about the accurate extraction of data from documents.

KnowledgeLake does this extremely well, too. But rarely do you see an IDP vendor talk about what companies should do with their documents AFTER the data is collected and parsed. That work is often, as they say, “out of scope.”

Without a searchable document repository, however, organizations only have half the story.

If you look holistically at what companies need to accomplish, it is not JUST about moving data around. Organizations need to house, review and securely share these documents inside and outside their organization. Think about contracts, fleet maintenance records, employee records, loan applications, literally any case management materials. All of these documents need a safe, secure, accessible and searchable home where employees can access them on-demand.

At KnowledgeLake, this frequently overlooked side of IDP is what we call KnowledgeLake Content Services. It may not sound as “sexy” as neural networking or deep learning, but this capability is a vital part of our platform and differentiates us from other IDP providers. And with the 2022 KnowledgeLake “Tahoe” Release, our offering just got better.

Say hello to a secure, unlimited and searchable document repository, designed for the cloud.

Your Cloud Document Repository… Now Hosted by KnowledgeLake

Prior to the KnowledgeLake Tahoe release, our customers traditionally relied on Microsoft Azure or SharePoint to store documents. These systems maintained and housed their documents. KnowledgeLake integrates directly with these systems to deliver robust search and viewing capabilities.

This third-party solution proved a perfect fit for many customers. It meshed well with their existing systems and preferred vendors. It wasn’t so easy if a company didn’t have an active relationship with one of those vendors, or didn’t have the time and budget to hire an Azure specialist.

So with the 2022 KnowledgeLake Tahoe update, we’re proud to launch two new choices for customers.

First and foremost, we’re launching our own unlimited document storage option.

KnowledgeLake Content Services is hosted in a highly secure SOC2 compliant data center that is Microsoft and Azure Gov Cloud-approved. All data is housed in a single-tenant solution so there is no co-mingling of customer data. It’s an unlimited data repository that KnowledgeLake can manage for you, including disaster recovery and maintenance.

Customers that come to KnowledgeLake with an existing repository won’t have to change anything. But any company that needs document storage can choose KnowledgeLake Content Services. This change allows us to deliver a comprehensive solution where customers can intelligently manage all of their transactional documents from a single cloud-based location.

Alternative New Storage Option: Amazon AWS S3

For any organization that has a preference or existing relationship with Amazon, KnowledgeLake has added Amazon AWS S3 to our list of supported bring-your-own-storage repositories. This solution offers all the functionality of our other storage solutions, but is designed for those already using Amazon AWS.  

No Matter your Storage Choice, KL has you Covered

These new connection options join the list of existing ones that KnowledgeLake has worked with for some time, including Microsoft Azure and SharePoint Online. We will continue to support these alternatives as we build out more content services features.

No matter the choice of storage, all customers can also continue to take advantage of our other document management benefits including:

  • Customizable 1-click search and view without leaving your business application
  • A searchable document repository with the ability to easily export and share files with external sources and outside teams
  • 360-degree view of your data, providing the ability to analyze and gain insights at any time.

If you’re looking to take advantage of KnowlegeLake Content Services, ask your KnowledgeLake rep or drop us a line. We would love to set up a time to talk.