Automate and Accelerate Your BPO Solutions.

Lower operating costs, improve customer results, and quickly start new jobs with the KnowledgeLake Cloud.

Automation for Any Job

Manual data entry leads to errors, slows projects, and destroys profit margins. Our AI handles the manual data entry so your people can focus on the project at hand.

Simply Powerful

Get projects up and running in hours with our full suite of no code and low code tools. Your clients get fast time to value without hassling IT.

The Power of the Cloud

Deliver solutions on a true modern cloud platform. No servers, databases, or desktop installs to deploy and manage. You focus on running your business. We handle the rest.

The smart automation platform you’ve been waiting for.

KnowledgeLake’s intelligent document processing platform supports any type of document and any customer use case. Powered by Machine Learning, KnowledgeLake accelerates your operation with less effort from your staff.

Help your clients build for the future with a modern, extensible cloud infrastructure that avoids future technology debt.

Intelligent data capture for core systems and applications

It all starts here. Automate the capture and flow of data from document to application to close.

Easy integration

KnowledgeLake easily integrates with your clients’ existing technology. Knock down the silos to get data flowing where it should.

Connect to any storage solution

Your clients can continue to use the document management repository of their choice, or use KnowledgeLake’s own unlimited storage solution.

Deliver the experience your customers expect

KnowledgeLake’s highly configurable platform delivers easy-to-use solutions that offer greater control over and visibility into clients’ business.

The way to RPA

Forget the hype. KnowledgeLake’s robotic process automation technology delivers real-world solutions that yield immediate value.

Pay for what you use

KnowledgeLake pricing is consumption-based. Clients can scale to what they need.

Contact us now to learn how the KnowledgeLake Cloud can power your clients’ business.