The Best Solution to Scan to SharePoint

The most powerful solution for complex, high-volume scanning to SharePoint.

Boost Productivity

Quickly scan large volumes of documents from any source directly into SharePoint.

Drive Greater Accuracy

Advanced OCR eliminates the risk of costly errors associated with manual data entry.

Maximize ROI

A user-friendly platform that leverages your existing SharePoint investment.

Scan to SharePoint with the company that started it all.

Since we got our start over two decades ago, we’ve focused on making SharePoint better at processing business-critical documents. KnowledgeLake has helped thousands of organizations just like yours scan to SharePoint and leverage their Microsoft investment for enterprise-wide document management.

With its advanced OCR technology, the cloud-native KnowledgeLake platform excels at complex, high-volume scanning to SharePoint. KnowledgeLake scans any document format from any source, including paper documents, email, and PDF files. Our solution automatically indexes, categorizes and tags documents for easy search and retrieval.

Scanning to SharePoint eases the administrative burden on your most valuable asset: your employees. Help them work faster and with less friction with the scan to SharePoint solution that companies have trusted for two decades. Leverage document imaging for SharePoint to quickly locate scanned files from anywhere. KnowledgeLake is a four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year.

See How SFMTA Did It

Scanning to SharePoint enabled the transportation agency to digitize its high-volume business processes.

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Get the Essential SharePoint Migration Guide

Learn the best practices for a pain-free migration from SharePoint On-Prem to SharePoint Online.

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